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My name's Nate, I have a huge passion for making crystal jewellery and drawing comic book art / t-shirt designs. 


I currently work in environmental conservation for Devon Wildlife trust, doing a traineeship funded by the Lottery Heritage Fund. 




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I began making crystal necklaces and selling them on the street in Australia!


EarthLights was born when my friend and I were traveling around Australia in 2014. We started selling crystal necklaces on the street in Brisbane. Back then it wasn’t called EarthLights but Happy Crystals.


We had been away from home traveling for 3 months and had almost ran out of money! I had made some crystal necklaces during our time WOOF’ing in a very remote place called Clare Valley, Victoria, as a personal hobby so I could wear some of my crystals. I felt that most crystal shops sold the same style of crystal necklaces and I wanted to make something different and more unique.


It was only when we hit really hard times that we decided to bite the bullet and see if actually trying to sell our necklaces (and photography) would work. Did it ever! Instantly, we started helping people from all over Brisbane choose the right crystals for their various problems and worries. It was then I realised how much I loved telling people about crystals various properties and how to use them properly. I felt I were a channel for the crystal to find its right owner. We also managed to earn enough for food and accommodation, we were a hit!


The most unexpected thing that happened was by far the best, we instantly made friends with fellow buskers and over time, formed a little selling community. Together we made connections and shared experiences that none of us will ever forget. Also, regular customers came along to hang out with us through the day and together we were all one free community of like minded individuals.


See the ginger bald one? That’s me!

Five years later…


After many years of continuing to make necklaces and helping people understand more about the relationship between humans and crystals I decided it’s time to make it official, after all, doing what you love as a job is the dream, right?

So here I am. My aim is to share my love of crystals and all things metaphysical with other people and to help them heal themselves through mindfulness and crystal healing. I’m following my heart and what I believe to be my ‘calling’ and in the process hopefully I’ll be helping other people find their calling too!


And that’s not all…


Like most aware people, I feel very strongly about climate change and the damage humans are doing to this beautiful planet, so I wanted to figure out a way I could use my work to help the planet as well as people.


I came up with the idea that with every purchase made from EarthLights, a tree seed, pot and soil pellet will be included for free. This way, we can all start to put back the best carbon filters that exist into the ground, trees! It may take a while, but in time these trees will grow to become huge and help reduce the carbon emissions that are heating up our poor planet too quickly!


We need to protect what we love…


I’m also an illustrator/comic book artist and have been quite interested in T-shirt design for quite some time now. I used to draw very pop-culture style designs but recently I’ve found I get more joy from drawing more spiritual and meta-physical designs. So as well as making necklaces I’m going to be selling T-shirts to help people express themselves as truly as they can.


What we choose to wear has more of a subconscious impact on ourselves and those around us than we think!

An example of a t-shirt design.


I hope that this website brings people some joy and happiness. I hope that the things I make for you bring a little bit of light to the earth…

…or, to put it another way, a little bit of earthlight.


Thank you so much for reading this and visiting my site.

Namaste, Nate
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Here at EarthLights we offer handmade crystal jewellery and advice on how to use them.

The Process


How do I make the necklaces? Well, It’s quite simple really. I choose a crystal that I feel ‘calls’ to me to be made into a vessel for healing. This can be as simple as being drawn to a certain crystal at a certain time.


People often ask how to know how to pick the right crystal for them. To begin with, the one you’re most aesthetically pleased with is probably the right one as that’s probably why you like the look of it so much (more on that later)


(insert photo of crystal(s))


Next, I get my tools and materials (scissors, pliars, hemp chord and beads) and being to wrap the hemp chord around the crystal with glue.

(photo of me wrapping a crystal)


After that, I choose the colour of the piece of chord that will go around the neck, tie some special knots and hey presto! A crystal necklace is born!


(photo of simple necklace)


Sometimes I make more complicated necklaces involving incorporating a style of knotting called macrame and wooden beads.


(photo of macrame necklace)

Using Crystals for Healing


What follows next comes from personal experience. All of these methods and meditations may or may not work for you. Essential, this is a guide to help people that have no idea idea what do with crystals. I hope, from reading my suggestions, you manage to form your own relationships with crystals and mindfulness which leads to your own experiences and methods (that you could share with me and others if you like!)


Choosing a crystal


(photo of eyes)




To choose a crystal, I would suggest that first look around the shop or wherever you are. Take a while to see which one(s) really stand out to you. Try to free your mind of ‘wants’ and ‘preconceptions’ maybe by taking a few, deep, clearing breaths.


Then see if there’s one that you really like the look of, one that ‘shouts out’ to you. Chances are, the feeling of you liking how the the crystal looks has been produced by yours and the crystal’s energies being compatible. This usually means that the energy and healing the crystal offers will help heal, mend a blockage in or strengthen your energy (Chakra) system.


(photo of hands)




Another way to select a crystal is to follow your intuition (feeling) about certain crystals. This is similar to the method above (and can be used in conjunction with it) where you should try to clear your mind and then pick up several crystals and see which one stimulates a certain feeling within you. This could even be several of the same kind of crystal.


For example, you see that your attracted to a bowl of quartz crystals in a shop so you go over to them.


Then you realise you’re not sure which one you should pick. So you then pick up one at a time or run your fingers through the crystals until you pick one.

Once chosen, you hold the crystal in one hand at a time and pay attention to the feeling it generates (if any). If the crystal creates a strong feeling that this is the right one then you should follow that intuition and keep it, for this is your crystal teacher for the time being.


If you’re unsure though, then place that crystal outside of the pot and repeat the process until you have found the one that’s meant for you.


It can take time and try not to be self conscious about what other people in the shop think of you, if they’re there for the same reason as you it will most likely inspire them to do the same! And maybe they might ask you what you’re doing, in which case you could share your knowledge with and help them, how wonderful!


I’ve been seen to be sat at a bowl of crystals in a shop, taking ages to wait for a crystal to call out to me (much to the frustration of whomever I might be with at the time!) Just follow your gut (intuition, feelings) until you have the right crystal. It will happen!


(photo of the brain/head)




Maybe you’re not the type to feel comfortable with the methods outlined above, or maybe you just know the exact Crystal you want from being told about, reading about it in a book or researching it on the internet.


If you’ve researched the qualities of a specific crystal and know that that’s the one for you then that is exactly the same as using your eyes or feelings, all that’s happening is your mind is telling you what it thinks it knows to be best for you.


There is nothing wrong with not ‘meeting’ you crystal before buying it, the same type of crystals essentially have the same properties as each other and they will perform that function you desire when you receive them. So, buying them online and having it sent to you is a very acceptable and good way of purchasing crystals. Hopefully the merchant selling them can answer any questions you have before hand.


For example, I knew that I wanted some boji stones, ever since I read about them I felt an infinity with them. I searched and searched in shops but never found any, eventually I decided to order a pair online and they were fantastic! They helped me a great deal and then, once our partnership came to an end I passed them onto a friend that I felt needed them more than me.

Cleaning your crystal(s)


You may or may not know that nearly all crystals collect negative energy. It’s for this reason that humans are so drawn to them, who wouldn’t want a portable negative cleanser!? What’s easy to forget or not even know is that, this negative energy needs to be cleansed out of the crystal so it can function to the fullest of it’s power. There a several ways to clean them:-


(photo of water)




One of the most common and easiest ways to clean your crystal is under running water. The best being, fresh water from a stream or the sea, although it’s important to check that your crystal won’t be physically damaged by water, as some are a bit flaky and fragile.


You could even use tap water but it’s really not the best quality of water (depending on where in the world you live)

To clean your crystal in water just immerse it fully and rub your fingers over it and/or set them sit there for a while the water flowing over it and cleansing it, it’s as simple as that!


(photo of sun and moon)




Another way to clean your crystal is to simply put them in Sunlight and/or Moonlight. These two different lights (energies) will charge your crystals in different ways giving them some much needed refreshing energy.


Some crystals are sensitive to Sunlight and their colour can fade if left in it for too long, so always check to make sure your crystal is okay for this method.


(photo of soil)




An amazing way to clean your crystal with some beautiful grounding energy is to bury it in the ground overnight or though the day. Obviously they will need to be cleaned with water afterwards but they will be brimming with energy from Mother Earth!


Don’t like the sound of that, or just can’t be bothered? Then maybe just put their tips in the soil in an indoor plant pot, it’s probably like using tap water compared to a fresh water but it’s better than nothing!


(photo of citrine)


Other crystals…


Some crystals don’t ever need cleaning and can even clean other crystals for you! How awesome! Some examples of these are:-


  • Herkimer diamond
  • Selenite
  • Kyanite
  • Citrine

These clever little tykes know hoe to look after themselves and everyone around them! So, if you can’t or don’t want to clean your crystals any of the other ways maybe just buy looks of these and keep them with your other ones.


Even though these crystals don’t necessarily ‘need’ cleaning, I’m sure they’d be grateful of a bath from time to time.




So, those are some ways to keep your crystals happy and clean for you to receive the highest quality energy from them.

I would recommend cleaning your crystals every 2-4 weeks.


Even as I write this I realise I’m massively overdue to give my crystals a good cleaning…. whoops!


(photo of passing crystal in hand)

Knowing when to pass your crystal on

I believe that crystals work with humans on the level of metaphysical energy (Chakras and meridians). If you’re not sure what this means maybe google it and have a read, it’s interesting stuff! So, when a crystal comes into your life it helps mend or strengthen a part of your energy that needs it.


But owning a crystal isn’t an ownership,it’s a partnership, you’re helping the crystal too by caring for it and cleaning it regularly (hopefully). The time will come when you don’t feel so drawn to that crystal anymore, which means it’s work is probably done for the time being. When this happens, if you’re paying attention, you’ll most likely meet or think of someone that is in need of the crystal you’ve just been working with. And isn’t a wonderful thing that you’re there to provide some much needed healing for that person?


It’s almost like crystals are traveling nomads, without legs. They use our legs to travel far and wide on a mission of never-ending healing. Maybe they have their own form of intelligence that we can never understand and know exactly what they’re doing… Who knows!


You may be thinking ‘but I love my crystal!’ or ‘I don’t want to let it go! I may need it again’ and that’s absolutely fine! I’m not telling you do follow my words, all I’m doing is presenting another perspective you may or may not have thought of already. Either way, please allow me to say this:


Giving is one of the most healing and mindful acts we, as humans can do. Letting go of something we have an attachment to, can be cathartic and healing on so many levels, some even unknown to our conscious mind. And rest assured that anything that we need in our life experience will come back round to us if we genuinely need it.


So maybe give your crystal to someone who needs it or keep it at home to enjoy for yourself and your family. Ultimately just follow your intuition and do what feels right for you, that way, you can’t go wrong!


If you have any questions or need advice just email me at (Subject: Ask Nate)


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